Handy Tote from Blue Q

Blue Q Handy Tote 152x300 Handy Tote from Blue Q

We’ve had these perfect sized “Handy Totes” from Blue Q for a while but wanted to share these fun new designs! They would be a great size for a Trick Or Treat bag for little ones.

Stop by the store today to see them all for yourself   icon smile Handy Tote from Blue Q

$12.50 each

Aspen Leaf Jewelry

aspen leaf 225x300 Aspen Leaf Jewelry

Take Fall with you indoors and year round with these beautiful pieces of Aspen Leaf jewelry.

Each necklace pendent, earring and ornament are made by electroplating REAL aspen leaves in  either gold, silver or copper.

Each under $20

National Coffee Day!

thats all National Coffee Day!
Today, September 29th, 2014, is National Coffee Day!Why not stop in and buy a new mug to celebrate. We have lots of mugs to choose from, including these ones from That’s All, these mugs really say it like it is!



New BlueQ Bar Soaps

new blue q soaps New BlueQ Bar Soaps


It took one of our lovely employes quite some time to rework the Blue Q display so these bar soaps are high enough to be out of sight from little eyes icon smile New BlueQ Bar Soaps If you’re tall enough to read them you should stop by and get a giggle today!

$3.50 each

Beer Growlers

growlers Beer Growlers


These great glass growlers from Barstool Philosopher can be filled again and again from your local taproom!



New Pads from Knock Knock

knock knock pads New Pads from Knock Knock Who said organizational tools can’t be fun? They were wrong, check out these pads from Knock Knock!


Guest Books

guest books Guest BooksEver wonder what your guest ponder in the potty? Perhaps you need a better grasp of how others feel about your work space. You need a Guest Book for your Bathroom or Cubical! Complete with comments and doodle areas.


Personalized Stamp Gift Boxes

PSA stamp gift 300x187 Personalized Stamp Gift BoxesWe now carry personalized stamp gift boxes from PSA Essentials!
You buy the body of the stamper and it comes with a code for the recipient to use to find their perfect stamp design. This is a great gift for someone who is getting married and you’re not sure what name the wife will keep, but you know she’s is going to be sending out a TON of Thank You notes. Also good if you know someone who needs a stamp but their party is tomorrow, no need to wait for shipping!

Fraiser Fir for the summer!

fir in summer Fraiser Fir for the summer!

We have never done this before, but this summer we have Fraiser Fir by Thymes available! This scent is amazing for a summer cottage or for a Christmas in July party. Please stop by the store and smell for yourself, it’s like being outside in the crisp winter air.

Wide Magnetic Bracelets

braided bangle Wide Magnetic Bracelets

These metallic bracelets feature a strong magnetic closure and are a great price at under $20!


wide bangle Wide Magnetic Bracelets

The straight one looks like you’ve stacked a few bangles but it’s just one wide one. The braided one lays flat and is very comfortable to wear.