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In our never-ending quest to find you beautiful, quality accessories we are happy to announce that we will now be carrying Silver Forest’s line of earrings. These wearable works of art strive to be as timeless and unique as you are.

Silver Forest has bsilverf berries Silver Foresteen hand crafting their earrings in Bellows Falls, Vermont forĀ silverf gold Silver Forestover 30 years! Natural elements, ancient cultures and a subtle sense of humor influence their designs. Care is given in making each piece using only the safest of materials. All are made from semi-precious stones, surgical steel ear wires and Lead and Cadmium free raw brass and copper.


silverf blue Silver ForestBest of all? They’re givers! “As our way of thanking our loyal customers for their patronage we offer a silverf bug Silver Forestfrequent buyer card.” Get your loyalty card from us with your Silver Forest purchase. Each time you buy a new pair of earrings we will apply a sticker to your card. Once you have received five stickers on your card you write down three style choices that you would like to receive as your free gift. The style numbers can be found on a ticket on the back of each displayed jewelry card. The style number will begin with any of the following prefixes E-, NE-, PP- or P- followed by a four-digit number and possibly a letter. This is the number that you will write on your style choices. Then you mail the card to them and they send you back one of your choices free as a gift from Silver Forest!

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Can be dressed up or down at a pocketbook friendly price from $13 to $25. Stop by to see these and many more designs.


Silver forest youtube still Silver ForestPlease enjoy this video review from Hope