Thymes is a unique line of botanically based bath and body products that are made with essential oils and natural ingredients.

We trust the Thymes team which has over 72 years of research experience and holds 11 patents. This is why we have carried their amazing products for over a decade and offer them at some of the best prices available.

At CJ Kard you can find Thymes products like hand cream, liquid hand soap, cologne, body wash, eau de parfum, body lotion and bath salts in the impressive scents below. You can also find fragrance mist and candles for your home.

Mirabelle Plum: A tapestry of lush temptation.

Mirabelle PlumSheer jasmine. Delicate pink peony. Dewy Mirabelle plum blossoms. Soulful sandalwood. Honeyed golden amber. Succulent black currant.

Tupelo Lemongrass: A patchwork of vitality and light.

Tupelo LemongrassSparkling clementine. Tangy lemongrass. Dreamy neroli. Golden Tupelo honey. Sweet lily of the valley. Tonic Privet leaves. Balmy tonka bean.

Jade Matcha: An opulent, modern fusion.

Jade MatchaFrothy Matcha tea. Seductive bergamot. Tangy lemongrass. Spicy cardamom.

Clary Sage Tea: An uplifting herbal infusion.

Claery Sage TeaHearty Assam black tea. Fresh clary sage. Optimistic lavender. Warm rosemary sprigs. Creamy amber. Soft sandalwood.

Temple Tree Jasmine: Unveil the ethereal beauty of Temple Tree Jasmine.

Temple Tree JasmineHeady Temple Tree blossoms. Intoxicating jasmine sambac. Intriguing honeysuckle. Deep ylang ylang. Sheer Damask rose.

Lotus Santal: A chorus of aromatic tranquility.

Lotus SantalExotic plum wood. Whispering patchouli. Spicy clove. Creamy amber. Warm sandalwood. Sultry cocoa orchid. Dreamy red lotus.

Agave Nectar: Discover an oasis for your skin.

Agave NectarQuenching agave nectar. Refreshing ruby red grapefruit. Tangy guava. Succulent lemon blossom. Soothing aloe leaf.

Olive Leaf: Simply wholesome. Naturally nourishing.

Olive LeafFresh Sardinian laurel leaf. Sunny balsamic lavender flowers. Rich European patchouli. Crisp balsam.

Lavender: A fragrant palette of boundless inspiration.

LavenderVelvety lavender. Warm rosewood. Fresh clary sage. Flirty violet leaf.

Kimono Rose: An origami of unabashed femininity.

kimono roseSatiny rose. Sensuous peony. Sheer jasmine. Effervescent clementine. Voluptuous black currant. Silken vanilla.

Eucalyptus: Infuse the day with unlimited possibility.

EucalyptusInvigorating eucalyptus oil. Crisp Italian lemon. Bright lime. Energizing petitgrain. Sweet bergamot. Lively lemongrass. Heady rosewood. Lush fir.